Signal Flare

You may or may not know that Signal Flare grew from very humble beginnings. It all began with the Pie and Cokes that Grant the Polite Guy had with other homeless people when he was homeless himself. He invited another homeless person to have something to eat with him saying he didn’t want to eat by himself, and from his meagre earnings as a Big Issue vendor he bought a meal for them both, then sat back and listened to the other person’s story. If this person wanted to get back on their feet Grant would do whatever possible to help him/her make this happen.

And the Pie and Coke tradition continues. I thought I’d tell you about Sunday’s Pie and Coke as the person I had it with shared some truths with me that deserve hearing, and he is not only fine with but also proud of me sharing what he says.

We had a Whopper meal at Hungry Jack’s, in front of which we happened to bump into each other. My first ever Whopper, LOL! He had a Coke to go with it, I had a water.

He said “When you have nothing, nobody likes you. Nobody wants to talk to you. It’s like you’re not there. You don’t even have a life. It’s like you don’t exist. It’s like you’re not even alive. But when people support you, you start having things, you start to be alive, and you can start to support other people.” He wondered out loud whether he was alive or not, and came to the conclusion that he was. He was grateful for the support he received and talked about his family who, he said, didn’t like him because in their eyes he didn’t do anything with his life, he didn’t pull his weight. I told him it seems to me that he does do something with his life. I know he looks out for other homeless people, wanting to make sure they are safe. When I bump into him he always asks if I’m alright, with real concern in his voice and eyes. He does do something with his life, even though it doesn’t translate into wealth or possessions. He does what is within his capabilities and that is awesome. Thank you for doing what you do, mate, and I’m glad you understand that you’re doing it!

It was great to hear him say in very simple wording that people who are supported feel better and that support can empower them to help others. Bravo! I thought that was worth sharing 🙂 

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