Hello and welcome to my blog and ‘stuff’ place. It has some inspirational thoughts, some of the mantras that assist me during my early battles and later challenges with self assisting in the process of finding peace of mind, the first step in the healing process.


Quotes I like…

Not knowing that one knows is best: Thinking that one knows when one does not know is sickness. Only when one becomes sick of this sickness can one be free from sickness. The Sage is nver sick; because he(sic) is sick of this sickness, therefore he (sic) is ont sick. Ch’u Ta-Cao (circa 600 BC).


“…as a matter of political economy, it would be better to spend a few pounds extra per annum in creating good and useful men and women, who will add to the national credit and prosperity, than to train up more cheaply useless members of the community who would eventually…either relapse into pauperdom or come back upon the state in a still more objectionable form.”

(New South Wales State Children Relief Board, 1883, p. 837 cited in van Krieken 1992a, p.61).

One of the mantras I often used in the early days of my journey into a healthier attitude was: ‘Everything is exactly how it is meant to be right here right now – my challenge [should I choose to accept it] is to merely accept it.’


Video I like… (sent to me by Rowena Crowe)


In Conversation with Claire Bowditch


Clair and I in conversation at the during the October 2018 IGNITE symposium at Bellingen NSW. The chat was light, candid and good-humoured. Clair is a storyteller herself with some amazing lived experience.

In conversation with Professor Richard Hil

In conversation Mullum

Richard Hil is the Conveyor of the Ngara Institution out of Byron Bay. I was invited to have a public conversation with him about my lived experience for the launch of Out of the Forest at Mullumbimby on May 23, 2018.

A conversation with Richard Fidler

IMG_8042 (002)

To be honest, I was quite naive when I had this conversation. It did however, change my life completely. Thank you Richard. The podcast can be accessed on this link: